Commercial real estate is highly susceptible to crime but what is the best way to increase plaza security? There are many ways to ensure a safer environment for customers visiting a commercial plaza, but one of the best investments is to install security camera systems.

This article breaks down 5 noteworthy ways plaza security can improve by using security cameras.

1. Plaza Security Cameras Are a Crime Deterrent 

One way to stop crime before it even starts is to mount security cameras in obvious locations. If a potential perpetrator is considering breaking the law on your premises, one look at a security camera can cause them to reconsider.

Criminals tend to target easy jobs and security camera systems add an element of difficulty they may not want to deal with.

2. Cameras Keep Employees Honest

Camera systems for commercial plazas are a great way to keep an eye on visitors, loiterers, and vandals. However, a lot of business owners don’t consider one valuable asset: monitoring employees. Internal misconduct happens just as often, if not more than external offenses.

If employees are aware that there is an “eye in the sky,” they are apt to make better decisions when it comes to your business. This not only applies to criminal behavior, such as theft, but can also promote an increase in productivity and work ethic.

3. Safety in Parking Areas and Rear Entrances

Leaving from a rear entrance or walking to your car alone late at night can make even the bravest people feel uneasy. Security cameras installed in these areas are not only used as a deterrent, but they can also allow employees to survey these areas before they head out.

Further, if someone comes to the back entrance, you can identify the person upon their approach to determine if they are a delivery driver, fellow employee, or other authorized individuals.

4. Security Cameras Help With Insurance Purposes

Cameras can record all things that happen on your premises, including accidents and injuries. When an employee has a workers’ compensation claim, the footage can be pulled to conclude what happened. Visitors can also have slips, trips, and falls that can be reviewed from video surveillance archives if they claim the business is responsible for their injuries.

As an added benefit, businesses with security cameras installed are often given discounted premiums on their insurance coverage. This is because properties armed with security cameras have a lesser payout risk than businesses without.

5. Commercial Plaza Security and Analytics

You can also use security cameras to see how much traffic is flowing through your commercial site on a daily basis. Knowing how many people are on your site and where the traffic pattern circulates can help you determine if more security is needed and where to better install cameras. The traffic can also help with business strategy as the flow of people can translate into potential business.

Serious About Safety

Taking safety measures for commercial plazas seriously and installing security cameras are crucial for business owners.  For more information about plaza security, installation of security cameras, or any other IT needs, check out our blog or call us at 956-587-0284 to speak with someone.

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