A network system suitable for your business needs

There is no denying that every business needs a network through which connectivity remains and tasks can be carried out with maximum efficiency. We offer professional network equipment installation services so you no longer have to worry about expensive breaks in business activities.

Our expertise in structured cabling allows us to install, configure and connect all your routers and switches in an organized unit so that they run smoothly. This organization makes for easy maintenance and cleaning as well.

Structured cabling is all the network cables that are required for your printers, telephones, computers, and any other network equipment to work together and connect to the Internet.

Your structured cabling network will depend on the individual expectations and usage of your company. That’s why it’s so important to have an experienced company to help you create a network that will meet your business’ needs.

Before cables are even installed, the entire network should be planned. This is an essential part of the process because it allows you to plan the organization and structure of the network.

The types of cables, locations, and grouping of cables should be considered. Also, you need to color code the network in a clear way that is consistent throughout. Taking time at the beginning of the process to complete this will lead to smoother growth in the future.

Vision for the Future

In today’s technology-driven world, you need to be prepared for future changes to your cable infrastructure.

Having professional help will allow you to set up an organized and strategic system that has room to change and grow. It’s easy for structured cabling to get messy fast! Due to the sheer number of cables required for the average business.

Cables should be labeled and installed so that anyone can work on the system and understand its layout for easy maintenance for years to come.

Complete IT Experience

We cable new and old buildings with Cat 5e/6/6a shielded & unshielded for phone, video & data as well as coaxial cable for TV, analog systems and Wilson Pro cell phone boosters. In the server room we take great care to install clean and organized patch panels with cables & runs identifiable for easy use and troubleshooting. From installing the correct length patch cables to configuring your routers & switches, we provide a complete IT experience to make sure you can focus on your business instead of worrying about IT issues.

Networking Equipment

With 15+ years in IT, we have had the opportunity to use, troubleshoot, and test many brands of networking equipment. There are a few companies that we prefer to sell and service because of reliability, ease of use, and product support. We have the know how to support any brand of equipment but prefer a certain few over others. Many technology companies have come together to work with a set of standards that allows for interoperability between brands. This gives the consumer flexibility. Our current brand favorites are:

Wireless Access Points (WAP)

A wireless access point is essential for any business because all routers, WiFis and switches are interconnected through this piece of hardware. In order to give you the best possible experience, we want to ensure that we use the best equipment possible to facilitate interconnectivity.

Brands We Trust for Networking Your Small Business


In a large business that requires increased connectivity, Ubiquiti’s software is able to sync all other products from the company. Thus, any router or switch you have installed will be instantly connected to the WAP.

Ubiquiti in the small to medium business field, has been a favorite. It is a brand we love to sell and has led to very few call backs for service. They make exceptionally easy to use and configure WAP’s. When doing an installation for a large site that may require many access points, installation of Ubiquiti WAP’s is made easy by the software that accompanies their hardware. The Ubiquiti software platform will automatically detect any Ubiquiti hardware installed on the Layer 2 network it is attached to. When detected and added into your Ubiquiti site, configuration can be done once and deployed to all equipment.


LigoWave is another company that allows for distance to be overcome through point to point installation. Connectivity would be assured through wireless connection rather than cables.

LigoWave is a brand we typically use for Point-to-Point installations. A point-to-point link is used when a cable can’t be run because of physical or cost limitations. For instance, if two buildings on a property need communication between them but are being separated by large distances where cabling would require breaking up concrete and be cost prohibitive, a point-to-point link would connect the two wirelessly. LigoWave has made a very cost efficient and reliable product for this type of installation.


A router is a device that allows for people to connect to the internet on all of their smart devices. Nowadays, most routers have WAP built in which allows for it to become a WiFi device. It allows for people to use the internet without port connectivity.

Brands We Trust


A router from Untangle is one of the best options out there –it is user friendly and has a router operating system. This allows for the creation of a personalized server that amps up the performance of the router.

Untangle makes our favorite routers. They have an overall simplistic and extremely configurable interface for management. A great feature is the ability to download the router operating system (OS) from Untangle and install on your own hardware. It gives the ability to scale up the performance at any size business by building your own server with beefier hardware specifications. Untangle also sells their own hardware to accompany the OS if no customization is needed. They are trusted by schools, state & local governments, hospitality & retail spaces, and many more institutions.


Ubiquiti has an installed software that allows for all hardware to be synced, controlled and updated from a single site. Its app can also ensure proper installation in a matter of minutes.

Ubiquiti again makes the cut. Our number 1 reason for choosing Ubiquiti is the software interface they provide to configure their hardware. From one interface, all Ubiquiti’s devices at a single site can be controlled, firmware updated, and network policies managed. They now have an app on your phone that can completely manage any installation while onsite or remotely. If a network’s needs expanded, IP address scheming redone, port forwarding enabled, dhcp reservation made, it can all be done from one interface manages the entire site.

PFSense is the IT guy of IT guys’ routers. Their routing OS offers the most configurability and compatibility with network standards, so it can be tweaked to work with many uncommon network situations. Like Untangle routers, it can be downloaded and installed on your own hardware or purchased as a complete package preinstalled giving you the ability to scale your hardware with your business needs.

Cisco is considered the industry standard in networking. There is a lot to be said about them, but our favorite aspect of Cisco is their training courses. Without the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) course, 956 TecSolutions would not exist today. They have provided our company with a solid foundation in the fundamental concepts of networking, securing the footing to branch out into many areas of IT otherwise impossible. They make reliable and dependable network equipment for all sizes of business, and their brand name is widely known and trusted.

Netgear/Asus/Linksys/TP-Link (SOHO). When cost is the ultimate factor, we lean on these brands to come through. For the small office/home office, we understand the importance of devices that can deliver on a budget and be found locally at a Best Buy or Fry’s.


One of the most essential pieces of hardware you need for network connection is a switch. It connects all of your devices via the network and allows for information to be exchanged. All systems connected to a network, like security cameras and computers, will be in sync with one another.

Brands We Trust


Ubiquiti is one of the most powerful contenders in the network industry. Their switches are fully equipped with VLAN configuration so that they can access any software interface.

Noticing a trend with Ubiquiti? Their network gear is solid through and through, and the switches are no exception. VLAN configuration and port to device identification are a breeze through the Unifi software interface.


Cisco is also a brand that gives Ubiquiti a run for its money; it is more economical and has lifetime warranty. Their durability makes them a perfect fit for large scale businesses looking to run operations on a 24 hour basis.

Their small business line switches are very dependable and surprisingly affordable. The SG200/300/350 line of switches are priced very competitively and are backed by the Cisco name with lifetime warranty. We primarily use these switches in setting up large IP based camera installations because they work 24/7.

Netgear/TP-Link/Linksys/BV-Tech (SOHO). Again, cost being the driving force behind these products. When an unmanaged switch under 16 ports is called for with a budget in mind, these products are the answer. Sometimes at the end of a long single cable run, there turns out to be two or more devices needing network access where these switches come into play.

We value both simplicity and functionality when setting up your office network. We seek to advise you in choices that will last for the long-haul, allowing your business to grow and upgrade as technology changes or your business expands.

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