If you are having poor cell signal in any size space, we can help. 

Accessing a strong indoor cellular signal can sometimes be troubling in commercial buildings. Educational facilities, hospitals, warehouses, shopping centers, and metal commercial buildings for example, can all suffer from poor cellular signal.

We install WilsonPro cellular boosters that can take in cell signal from an outdoor antenna and rebroadcast it inside your building.

Our process is simple. First, we will go on site and perform a site survey with a WilsonPro cellular signal reader.

Taking our results, we make a Microsoft Visio diagram that will give an overall site map with a detailed plan to be provided to the customer describing our solutions. By taking exterior signal cell readings and looking at the interior building design and building materials, we can tell our customers with confidence that our solutions will work and give exact prices quotes.

Because we put so much time and work into making a site estimate, we do charge for preparing a design for our cell signal boosters. After accepting our proposal, we reimburse the cost of the site survey.