Security Camera Installation

Has your business experienced theft, property damage or even internal fraud? These experiences are not uncommon among many of the business or home owners who have contacted us to install a security camera system. Many wish they had reached out before they experienced these crimes.

You can protect and secure your home, office or business with security cameras that allow you to monitor remotely, replay footage, zoom-in on details, alert you about potential threats, and offer over-all peace of mind.

We start by assessing the site and figuring out which specific type of camera would fit your desired views. Read more about our Security Camera Installation Services here.

Network Equipment and Structured Cabling Installation

We cable new and old buildings with Cat 5e/6/6a shielded & unshielded for phone, video & data as well as coaxial cable for TV, analog systems and Wilson Pro cell phone boosters. In the server room we take great care to install clean and organized patch panels with cables & runs identifiable for easy use and troubleshooting. From installing the correct length patch cables to configuring your routers & switches, we provide a complete IT experience to make sure you can focus on your business instead of worrying about IT issues.

Small Business IT Needs

From consultation with cost analysis to implementing a plan of action, we provide complete IT solutions for small to medium businesses in the Rio Grande Valley.

We can set up the cabling for the computers, phones, and copiers to connect to the network, install wireless access points for your laptops, TV’s, smart devices, cabling, and install security cameras that are accessible via any smart device.

Commercial Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Educational facilities, hospitals, warehouses, shopping centers, and metal commercial buildings for example, can all suffer from poor cellular signal. We install WilsonPro cellular boosters that can take in cell signal from an outdoor antenna and rebroadcast it inside your building. If you are having poor cell signal in any size space, we can help.