As a business or home owner, you want to protect your property and assets from intrusion, theft or vandalism. Having a security camera system that is easy to manage is important so you can focus on the main aspects of your business and life.

956TecSolutions is your one stop for security camera installation for your business and home. We work with small to mid-size companies all around the Rio Grande Valley area to make sure you have enough cameras in the right locations to protect your business or home from theft or crime.

Security Cameras for Businesses

Most companies wait until a crime occurs before they decide to take precautionary measures for future crime. We encourage companies not to wait. It is worth the investment to be aware of any suspicious activity from employees, visitors, or strangers. We can visit your business during the build-out or move-in stage to make sure your cameras are ready to use upon opening.

We can set up cameras both inside and outside of your property, in compliance with privacy laws, but offering you or the manager the most visibility. We will mount and cable your cameras to a network that is discreet and functional for the long haul. You will be able to view your footage in real time and remotely, and also be able to review past footage that has been recorded. The high quality cameras have fantastic reception, so when you replay, you are able to zoom in with great fidelity.

Security Cameras For Homes

If you own a large property, it can offer great peace of mind to have security cameras installed around your home and yard.

We also have expertise in wiring a home for any audio/visual or smart home needs. We essentially become the IT installers for most hardware technology needs for many of our long-term clients.

Our Security Cameras

We help you select the best security camera system for your property needs. Our cameras offer:

  • Weather-Proof Options
  • Remote Viewing
  • Digital Zoom
  • Night Vision
  • Closed-Circuit Television

Our Process For Camera Installation

When choosing cameras for a business or home, some priorities tend to be

We start by assessing the site and figuring out which specific type of camera would fit your desired views.

We have various packages of Security Systems you can choose from, ranging from two to hundreds, depending on the size of your property, budget, and needs.

We always aim to install IP based cameras with a Network Video Recorder if cost and cabling allow because of the many advantages they provide.

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We have been installing security cameras and network equipment and helping business owners with their IT needs all over Texas since 2003. We are professionally certified and accredited with Cisco, Wilson Pro, Crestron, etc. and are customer-driven, seeking quality and excellence in all of our installations.

Network Video Recorder Benefits

Using IP-based cameras with a Network Video Recorder (NVR) not only conquers the issues seen in Digital Video Recorders (DVR) using coaxial cable, but they open many possibilities for both the installer and user.

Network Video Recorder (NVR) advantages 

  • NVR’s open the possibility of cabling across large retail space by allowing the IP cameras to connect to Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches/devices which do not have to be directly wired back to the recorder. Using Point-to-Point wireless connections can allow cameras to be installed in distance areas of retail spaces up to 1000 feet away from the main building and still connect back to the NVR.
  • NVR’s use Category 5e/6/6a cabling instead of the older coaxial cable. Using a single Category cable, video & audio can be obtained as well as power delivered to the IP camera. When using a DVR with coaxial cable, a separate power cable must be run.
  • By using logical IP addressing scheme’s, network-based IP cameras can span across multiple corporate networks to be accessed by management in a centralized location. This is advantageous if you have many retail locations and maintain a private network between them through a VPN or other means.
  • IP cameras as well as the NVR can be directly accessed through their IP address and configured. Traditional DVR’s do not have direct access to configure cameras except through the DVR interface. For example, an IP camera can be configured from its web interface without even adding it to a recorder. The resolution, brightness, frames per second, bitrate, security options, and many more are accessible.
  • Because IP cameras are powered through a smart network device, they can be remotely powered off & on through the interface of the smart device which can allow for greater troubleshooting capability.
  • There is greater future-proofing installing NVR’s because each piece can be upgraded and replaced individually without affecting the over all installation.

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There are many questions to walk through once you have decided to install a security camera system for your home or office. We will advise on the best equipment to choose as well as best placement for all cameras. We work quickly and efficiently and maintain the highest level of quality in our installations.

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