Security Camera Installations Continue to Increase During Quarantines

News sources say sales for home and business security systems have gone up because business owners have had to close shop and want to keep an eye on their buildings remotely. In addition, family members have wanted to take care of their elderly loved ones and keep tabs on them from a safe distance. Security … Continue reading Security Camera Installations Continue to Increase During Quarantines

Upgraded Quality for Security Camera Footage

Technology continues to improve at exponential rates. We have all felt the pressure to upgrade our phones or computers when a newer version is released. There may be newer features or faster speeds that would benefit us personally or professionally. We would be shocked to have to use the first version of a Blackberry or … Continue reading Upgraded Quality for Security Camera Footage

Smart Home Automation Installation

We specialize in home automation for custom homes. We help with everything from lights, TVs, and speakers all throughout a home. If you would like to upgrade the technology in your home with smart home automation, we can recommend the best solutions for your needs. Even better, when building a custom home, we can make … Continue reading Smart Home Automation Installation

Conference Room Audio/Visual Installation

We were hired to install a professional audio/visual conference room set-up for Azaria Financial in South Texas. We mounted the TV and equipment and set-up Crestron AirMedia so that the owner can project anything from his phone, laptop, tablet, or smart device to his TV. He is set-up well now to host meeting meetings with … Continue reading Conference Room Audio/Visual Installation