A business requires many technologies to run that are often overlooked by the business owner. Think of your ideal work office. What does it have inside it? Likely computers, laptops, TV’s, printer/copiers, security cameras, smart thermostats & lights, office & cell phones.

These devices require an infrastructure to support them that is usually overlooked.

Our Services

This is where we come in. We can:

Clean and Organized Server Room

Imagine all this cabling going to a centralized place. This would be your cabling closet or server room.

We have more than a decade of experience organizing and maintaining cabling closets. We install a clean and organized networking rack, punching down cables in patch panels and labeling it all for easy identification. Upon request we can also provide network diagrams giving our customers an overview at a glance.

From consultation with cost analysis to implementing a plan of action, we provide complete IT solutions for small to medium businesses in the Rio Grande Valley. We provide up-to-date technical solutions for businesses with total cost of ownership in mind and great customer relationships for continued growth.

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