Best camera installation option for your Texas home and property

Not every home owner desires a full security alarm system for their property. With the technology available today, security cameras are often sufficient to alert a homeowner of suspicious activity. If you own a large property, carefully selected locations around the perimeter and interior can offer you views the entire landscape.

With 956TecSolutions, you can trust that we have the experience to advise you in the best options for your home and property and the standards of excellence to ensure a quality installation. We have been working with businesses and families all around Texas since 2003.


We start off by listening to your needs. Is this a new home property? Was there an incident on or around your property that occurred to trigger this desire for security cameras? Are there homeowner association regulations to be aware of? If necessary, we will come out to visit your property for a free consultation, but usually we assess the scope over phone.

We send you a free quote for the installation based on the amount of cameras you need. We recommend the best cameras based on their location and your needs. The quote includes both parts and labor. On average, it should take us two hours per camera installation.

Then, we schedule installation time that works best for you and your family.

During the installation, we will like be setup and run a few cables, mount and install the security cameras, configure the system and network, set up the recording device (NVR) and configure the video recording (motion detection and notification setup). Lastly, we will test the cameras and train you on how to use the system, search for backup footage, and view your footage remotely.


Our goal is that you have the peace of mind and security knowing that your property is covered, and that you have the confidence to know how to use and manage your new system.

Security cameras have helped families prevent and deter crime. When strangers see the cameras, they are less likely to proceed with break-ins or theft. Even if your cameras are positioned discreetly, they can begin offering your family peace of mind right away.

Home Security Cameras can help you monitor all behavior in and around your home. You are setup to recognize suspicious activity and gather evidence should an incident occur.

And in the unfortunate situation that some crime does occur, your security cameras will have recorded evidence that will aid in investigation.

Call us today at 956-587-0284 for a quick estimate and free quote to see how we can help.