We specialize in home automation for custom homes. We help with everything from lights, TVs, and speakers all throughout a home. If you would like to upgrade the technology in your home with smart home automation, we can recommend the best solutions for your needs. Even better, when building a custom home, we can make recommendations and schedule installations to coincide with the build-out so that everything is complete at the same time.

Smart Home Automation in the Rio Grande Valley

For this particular home in the Rio Grande Valley, we installed speakers in the ceiling, automated lights, and flat-screen TVs for his beautiful living areas. Everything can be controlled through Crestron remotes and touch interfaces. This keeps the functionality simple and easy to monitor.

We take great care to add any cables and wiring very efficiently and cleanly. Below is the media rack we installed here with its equipment. We seek to take up as little space as possible and keep the rack sleek and minimal.

If you’d like to design a media room or smart home automation in your own home, give us a call at 956-587-0284 to see if we can help.

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