Technology continues to improve at exponential rates. We have all felt the pressure to upgrade our phones or computers when a newer version is released. There may be newer features or faster speeds that would benefit us personally or professionally. We would be shocked to have to use the first version of a Blackberry or an iPhone now if we’ve been used to the more recent versions. We take for granted all the incremental changes that are made over time.

Security Camera Technology

In the same way, the technology around security camera systems continues to improve as well. Better resolution quality allows you to view your footage clearly and seamlessly, without pixelated movement or blurry images when zoomed in.

We recently upgraded Security Cameras for a client of ours in Texas from 4 MP to 8 MP IP cameras. You can see the difference clearly here from the Before and After Footage



As you can see, their resolution is much more clear. They will be able to monitor this parking lot more easily, detecting suspicious movement or activity, protecting from break-ins or vandalism.

Let us know if you are interested in upgrading your security cameras today. We are happy to answer any questions to help find out if your business would benefit from better quality cameras.

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