Are your security cameras recording the footage you need to capture?

We offer a $99 check-up and training visit to take an assessment of all of your security cameras. In our experience, we have found that even when businesses like pharmacies have cameras installed, they may not be recording.

There are many reasons for this. Sometimes their IP address and port forwarding were not set up correctly. The cameras may not have been mounted securely and over time have tilted enough to where they are not even pointed in the right direction. In addition, lenses get dirty over time, especially when they are outside. The dirt and grime cloud the view so that at night, when they are needed most, all you can see is dispersed light.

Pharmacies have to monitor many liabilities. Pharmacists could be caught mismanaging prescriptions, giving drugs to patients who do not have prescriptions or accepting counterfeit payments for drugs. Security Cameras can help intercept these crimes or offer evidence for investigations.

Security Camera Check-Up Visit

We offer an efficient $99 Check-Up and Training to make sure all of these variables are accounted for. We come by your business and do an audit of all your installed security cameras and the recording system.

We will check on:

  1. Remote Access/IP Address – Is it configured correctly?
  2. Storage – Are cameras recording? Is HD quality still good?
  3. Are you lenses clean? Need adjusting to see what is most important?
  4. Do you know how to use? Download footage? Use thumb drive?

Business owners have found this check-up to be simple and effective. This gives them the peace of mind knowing that the investment they made to install the security cameras was not a waste of time or money.

Call us today at 956-587-0284 to come by for a quick visit for a check-up and training for your security cameras systems.

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