From 2008 to 2017, the rate of annual reported robberies decreased by 28 percent. Regardless, there are victims of this crime every single day.

We take standard precaution such as leaving lights on, installing proper working locks, and keeping valuables in a safe place. Unfortunately, it’s usually not enough. But what about a security system with a surveillance camera?

Have you thought about upgrading your company’s security system, but are unsure where to begin? Keep reading to learn more about how surveillance cameras can work to help stop crimes.

First Line of Defense

If someone burglarizes your store or home, it’s likely not their first time nor an impulsive act. A robber may spend days, weeks, or even months planning his or her crime.

While they’ll likely consider factors such as time of day and proximity to other areas, surveillance cameras in public places can stop burglars before they even start. In fact, 83 percent of robbers scout a property for an alarm system, including cameras, before deciding to proceed.

One of the biggest benefits of surveillance goes unnoticed because just the presence of security cameras can deter crimes we never even knew were going to take place.

Quality of Equipment

Granted, surveillance cameras aren’t indestructible force fields that have stopped burglars before. Even if your store is robbed, cameras are beneficial to help identify criminals. That is, if you invest enough in your security system.

Simply installing an inexpensive surveillance camera to intimidate potential burglars can be counterproductive. Many stores have learned this the hard way. If you’re going to enhance your property’s security then invest in quality equipment.

Decide the visibility of your surveillance camera and how many will be used. A majority of criminals who do decide to burglarize a store or home with security cameras likely don’t realize their presence.

Other Security Measures

There are many reasons to install a surveillance camera at your business, but it doesn’t have to be the last line of defense.

Being recorded makes us think twice even when we’re going about our everyday business. Cameras alone can’t always stop crimes. They can be much more effective though when used with other methods.

A property with multiple layers of security such as automated voice warnings and sounding alarms indicates a store isn’t bluffing by hanging up a camera to fool potential thieves.

Security systems don’t have to be a game of hide and seek. Sometimes a store may warn potential burglars by displaying warning signs before they enter. This can be about a manager’s access to money or the presence of a surveillance system in general.

Understanding How Surveillance Cameras Stop Crimes

Ultimately, no store or home is immune from theft. As modern security advances, so will criminals’ tactics to evade preventive methods.

A surveillance camera, however, is an effective tool to stop crimes before they even take place. The peace and mind of having the capability to catch a criminal in their tracks serves as a secondary form of insurance.

Your business is valuable and deserves the best protection. Are you ready to make the upgrade? Contact us for a free quote and learn more about our surveillance camera installation services.

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